Your Everyday Digital Notebook

Getting Started

Create a folder

A. Go to Notebooks -> “+” sign to choose create a folder -> name the folder

Create a notebook

Go to “Notebook” tab > tap ” + ”  sign button > pick create a notebook > then you can put the name, choose the folder, choose from a list of beautiful cover > hit done.

Create a page

A. Go to Notebooks -> Tap “+” sign -> create a page screen will immediately pop up > start editing your page. 

Use a page template

A. Go to “Template” Notebook > pick a template you want to use > from the bottom right corner > tap ” : ” > then tap duplicate. You can then go to the duplicate page > edit the content > change the notebook location. 

Note: We are working to make it much easier for you to use a template. Please stay tune!

Edit a notebook name, description, cover & folder location

From “Notebook” tab > look for ” : ” sign > tap it > you will see the page is switched to edit mode. You now can pick single notebook to edit. 

Install Smartopia on your iOS device

A. Go to Apple Store -> search “Smartopia” -> install it


Q. How to sign up for an account?

A. You can simply use you email address to register for an account.

Q. When the quote and real fact are changed?

A. They automically change everyday. 

Q. What's the monthly limit?

A. You can get 88MB storage for free every month.

Q. How to customize Pomodoro timer?

A. Tap into the Pomodoro widget in summary page.  You can customize the Pomodoro from the setting (the bottom right corner) -> short break time, long break time, focus duration time, sound etc. Tap “start” to begin.

Q. How to upgrade my personal assistant?

A. Every Pomodoro you complete helps you upgrade your assistant and get special offers of current and upcoming premium features.

Q. How many languages are available for the app.?

A. Currently, there are 2 languages: English and Simplified Chinese.

Q. How to change my avatar?

A. You can simply go to Me tab > tap the default photo > chose from your photo library or you can take a photo. 

Q. How can I get more storage?

A. In Me tab, you can upgrade to a VIP package to increase your storage and enjoy premium features. US$ 0.99 for 1GB, US$ 1.99 for 2GB and US$ 4.99 for 5GB.

Q. How can I import my notes from Evernote?

A. Tap “+” sign > pick Evernote Import Tool > authorize your Evernote account > pick the notebooks you want to add to Smartopia > tap import. You can still use the app and when it’s done, you will receive a notification. Note: Evernote Import Tool is only included in any VIP packages.

Q. How can I share Smartopia to my family and friends?

A. There’s a “share” button in “Me” tab. You can choose to send it through WhatsApp, email, message etc.

Q. Is there any recording feature?

A. Yes, there is a record button. You can find the record button when you edit a page. From the editign toolbar > tap “+” sign > tab recordign icon. 

Q. How to redeem a promo code on iPhone?

A. Click here for detail instruction. 

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